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Did you get one of the $0.2 bills?
Unfortunately, we've shut down the FED Forever.
So if you don't own one now then you're pretty much screwed...
Well, that's not good Mfer.
All of the BILLS are currently reserved.
Everyone gets 10 minutes after reservation to purchase.
Click the button below to see if any bills are available.
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You're officially a mfer.
print out your NEW nFT.
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The time has come Mfer.
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There are 0 Mfers waiting in line to get a $0.2 Bill

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reserved: 0

remaining: 0

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Total: 0

on policy: 0


Before the drop, get your own Cardano wallet like (Yoroi or Nami) and have more than enough ADA.

On this exact page, you can connect your Discord/Twitter account and reserve your NFT.

It tellS you exactly how much ADA to send to the address given. Only one transaction per address.

always check the POLICY

This website is the only place that mfers can mint their very own old money NFTs directly from us.

If you buy off of the secondary market please check that the policy id matches the one below.

This is policy ID for our $0.2 Bills:


Who doesn't want to be a Mfer? Our community is growing behind the scenes, join before we blow up.

if you aren't following Hoodro Wilson and Richard Trixson on Twitter then wtf are you EVen doing.

Join our Discord, become a degenerate, and chop it up on whatever YOU MFERS want these days.

More tips for you mfers

Only send ADA to an address on this website to get a bill
Your NFT will automatically be delivered after payment
One $0.2 bill per address that you are given
Refunds will occur automatically if you mess up
Keep this page open until you get confirmation
Never send your ADA from an exchange
Talk to the Cabinet on Discord if you have issues
Try different browsers with no extensions if you have trouble
Send the transaction ID if you need support