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BEcome an official Mfer By connecting your Wallet
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BEcome an official Mfer By connecting your Wallet
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Mfer. ?
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You look LoST Mfer, need help?

We're Tired of the small brain questions all the time so Read this and figure it out yourself
What is Jealous Island?
Old Money, our inflationary tale about your poor currency, takes place in Yew Nork. To become an official mfer you must pass through jealous island.
Oh, SO Yew Nork is like a METAVERSE, Right?
you're on a website mfer, call it what you want.
why is everyone so rude and call each other m***** F******?
Hey, Watch your language around here. MFER is a term of endearment and affection and we reserve it for only ones we respect.
GoTCHA, How DO I become an official mfer?
if you own any old money nft then you're almost a mfer, owning one of the signature bills is what makes you a real mfer.
Wait did i hear about some sort of "mfer Ranking"?
So your're doing your research. everyone gets ranked based on their nfts, community participation, achievements, hodling, minting, & much more.
I'm still pretty confused, can you help me out some more?
Honestly, you should probably give up. I saw an nft of a cartoon cat smoking a cigar wearing sunglasses. maybe more your style Mfer.
Seriously... what if i want to know what's next?
Read our FAQ or hop onto our discord and ask around if that's your style. otherwise connect your wallet above and let it show you the way.