Another porno mag from Old Money? This bear market is brutal.
It's not an explicit editorial, you dumbhead. It's a highly detailed look into our future.
Wow, so now I'm being insulted before I even mint anything?
Okay, apologies. Let's start over. Are you interested in obtaining a copy of the 2nd WENBOY?
Perhaps, but what's in it for me?
Reading material for when you're on the toilet, mostly.
I could use a few new things to look at. Is there anything else?
If you're into self-torture, there's a rumor going around that a new Vault lies in the pages of the 2nd WENBOY.
A vault?! Go on.
We made the last puzzle so hard that it went unsolved. Ended up flipping the prizes on secondary for ourselves.
You should not tell people that. So what's the prize this time?
Solve the shit and find out.
Geez, well, when can I get my hands on this new WENBOY?
We made this drop complex to confuse the flippers and encourage maximum profits for Mfers.
Can you ever do anything straightforward in Old Money? So how does it all work?
On Thursday, January 5th, 2023, a new epoch will begin, and everyone in Yew Nork will be given a new Mfer Ranking.
What in the world is a Mfer Ranking?
Check out this FAQ if it's not above your reading level to learn more about that.
it seems unimportant. How does that even relate to getting a WENBOY to flip?
If you're in the Top 400 ranked Mfers then we have a Cover of the WENBOY reserved just for you.
Oh, that's so nice of you. So I get the right to give you my money for an NFT.
Slow down. You didn't let me finish. We're also allowing all the Mfers to mint a WENBOY 2 Cover at 75% off.
That will work perfectly with my flipping strategy. So when can I get it?
You can get your WENBOY 2 Cover starting on Friday, January 6th, and you have until Monday, January 9th.
Are you just going to sell the Covers that Mfers don't pick up on the secondary market, like a degen?
No, we're putting those into the public mint for the Pages of WENBOY 2.
Oh my word, there's another layer to this mint? What do you mean by Pages?
That's where you will spend countless hours staring at the contents.
Will my significant other be upset if they catch me staring at the "Pages"?
Again, it's not a fucking smut mag. It's too complex to even explain to you right now.
When will that go on sale, and how many NFTs are we talking?
Tuesday, January 10th at 18:00 UTC is when you get your hands on the contents of WENBOY 2 with 1,400 total Pages.
How exciting, I'm getting those mint jitters again. Where do I mint?
A big ass button at the top of this page will handle everything for you.
Oh I forgot to ask, how much to mint these WENBOY NFTs?
Since ADA won't stop going tanking, They're moving for the price of 169 Ada.
Harsh. Quick odds that something breaks? Did Hoodro build this mint engine?
Unfortunately, he did. I would say 50/50 chance it all goes to shit.
Fuckery at its finest, I suppose. What's the policy for WENBOY 2 so I don't get scammed.
Good look. Here is the policy and a link to JPG Store to scalp off secondary.
I hope to pull one of the rare Covers and get some Pages to flip Read.
Don't we all. God speed.