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welcome to our inflationary journey

become a mfer today & partake in a monetary movement for the ages
discord Members
daily fuckery from a legion of degenerates
official mfers
connect your discord & own any old money nft
time until next ranking
rewards & general chaos each epoch

printing bills is what we do best

A nickel ain't worth a dime anymore but our money appreciates in value for collectors
bill owners
Unique holders of our precious money
bills owned by one mfer
some of you like to get a bit carried away
Our bills vary in their deterioration
most Bills a mfer has is 69
most Bills a mfer has is 69
most Bills a mfer has is 69
most Bills a mfer has is 69
most Bills a mfer has is 69
most Bills a mfer has is 69

more than mocking your money

Join the our diverse group of mfers telling the tale about our poor fiat currency
tit holders
Read The inflation times To follow our story
The most a Mfer has is 69
campaign supporters
Hoodro & trixson are rallying for your vote
The most a Mfer has is 69
voting in the election Earns you a single fuck
The most a Mfer has is 69
Back of Bill Owners
capturing our most intimate moments in history
The most a Mfer has is 69

enjoy the perks of being a Mfer

get exclusive roles with special bonuses based on your old money nft collection
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no OM nfts
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You're blinding us. witness the general fuckery that's occurs on a daily basis in our discord but have yet to commit.
Almost a Mfer
any OM nft
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No longer a white-name. unlock your mfer Ranking, nonsense discord channels, and basic billitary commands.
1+ bills
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It's official, you're a mfer. Access voting, more billitary commands, and interest based Discord channels.
Semi-Impressive Mfer
2 bills
0 / 0%
You double dipped. unlock alpha Discord channels and use the advanced secondary market billitary commands.
Impressive Mfer
3 Bills
0 / 0%
3rd time's a charm. You're eligible to submit auction requests and can share important news with other mfers.
Fancy Mfer
4 Bills
0 / 0%
You're starting to show off. unlock word of mouth discord channels and submit suggestions that admin responds to.
Incredible Mfer
5+ Bills
0 / 0%
Serious Bill collector. Discover the deeper secrets of Old money with additional puzzle related discord channels.
Big Ol' Bumbum Mfer
10+ Bills
0 / 0%
you're hoarding now. Participate in our launchpad, control mfer FM, and tip another Mfer once a week.
Glorious Mfer
25+ Bills
0 / 0%
are you addicted to bills? Eligible for cabinet, become part of storyline, and be able to tip another mfer once a day.
Lord of DN
50+ Bills
0 / 0%
protect dn for all us Mfers. submit proposals for the entire population of mfers to vote on and open fuckerland rides.
Part God
75+ Bills
0 / 0%
transcend to another level. access the bill buyback mechanism and become part of an elite group of supreme beings.
42% God
125+ Bills
0 / 0%
will you ever stop? get a 1 of 1 physical item of your choice related to our inflationary tale
250+ Bills
0 / 0%
bow down mfers. Unknown benefits...

Every Mfer along for the ride

flex your bag, level up via community participation, & See how you stack up against the masses
Mfer. ?
?th Ranked ? Mfer with ? NFTs

You look LoST Mfer, need help?

We're Tired of the small brain questions all the time so Read our FAQ & figure it out yourself
What is Jealous Island?
Old Money, our inflationary tale about your poor currency, takes place in Yew Nork. To become an official mfer you must pass through jealous island.
Oh, SO Yew Nork is like a METAVERSE, Right?
you're on a website mfer, call it what you want.
why is everyone so rude and call each other m***** F******?
Hey, Watch your language around here. MFER is a term of endearment and affection and we reserve it for only ones we respect.
GoTCHA, How DO I become an official mfer?
if you own any old money nft then you're already a mfer at heart but if you connect your discord & wallet then you get all the perks.
Why do I have to link my discord?
discord is one of the main ways we interact with you & when you link your wallet it grants roles based on your Old money holdings & mfer ranking.
But Discord? I thought nfts were supposed to be decentralized?
What a fancy vocabulary Mfer. believe it or not, you're early to this nft thing on cardano, when all wallets are dapp enabled it's a different story.
Wait did i hear "mfer Ranking"?
so you can read mfer. everyone gets ranked based on their nfts, community participation, winning contests, hodling, minting, & much more.
How do you calculate the mfer ranking?
hold your horses, we aren't telling. plus you probably wouldn't be able to understand the complexity my administration has crafted.
When do I get my Mfer Ranking to flex by bag?
Every epoch (5 days), all of the calculations will automatically commence and mfers will be ranked accordingly.
IF I have a MFer ranking, what rewards do i get?
looking for handouts, Huh? thankfully it pays to be a mfer. receive $mfer according to your ranking each Epoch if you have at least one bill.
wow $MFER, sounds lucrative, how does it work?
Stake your $mfer and $ada in our upcoming pool to receive BOOSTED ADA rewards from contributing to decentralization.
What else can we do with $MFER?
We really don't care what you end up doing with it. swap it on an exchange for a stablecoin, Burn it, whatever floats your boat Mfer.
HOw exciting, so wen $mfer?
In the future. Don't ask again. we have an election to Rig, I mean win.
well, how do I connect my nami/ccvault wallet then?
Click around mfer. if you can't figure it out then you're ngmi. make sure you enable dapps on your wallet and have the right one active.
why can i only link one wallet at jealous island?
we're lazy and don't feel like building it. but also having everyone's old money nfts in a single wallet gives us a better picture on holders.
what do i do when i dont have a dapp enabled wallet?
move your nfts to a new wallet or validate your wallet by making a payment to our wallet with a very specific amount of ada.
Will I get the ada back that I send to you?
No, mfer. that's just more work for my administration. we use that ada to pay for the hors d'oeuvres at our weekly auction at dilly's.
I have to ask, what is dilly's and what are these auctions about?
you're not ready for that level of fuckery mfer. If you do stumble upon on discord on wednesdays then you're in for a treat.
one more question about wallet verification, can I send ada from an exchange?
well, you're not as sharp as we thought. are your old money nfts on an exchange? no, mfer. so don't even try it.
I'm still pretty confused, can you help me out some more?
Honestly, you should probably give up. I saw an nft of a cartoon cat smoking a cigar wearing sunglasses. maybe more your style Mfer.
what if i want to know what's next?
hop onto our discord after you get situated and ask around. the #designated-news channel shows new mfers what's happening.
420 Bills are already connected to jealous island while 420 Bills in 69 different wallets are still waiting to join