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The Election 2022: Frequently Asked Questions

Mfers want all the answers spoon-fed to them on how The Election will work.

If you read this FAQ and you're still confused on how you can give a FUCK, then go complain in our Discord, otherwise ngmi.
I'm already pretty confused about everything, so let's start with the basics; what's the point of The Election?
We're letting Mfers take control of our inflationary tale and therefore impact the future prosperity of all citizens in Yew Nork.

I'm even more perplexed. What the heck are you talking about?
How about this? You can mint a brand new Old Money NFT!

Now we're talking my language! I can't wait to have a new animal PFP to flex on Twitter.
Oh geez, this NFT does come with a PFP, so you can brag online if you would like, but that's not the point.

I get it; this is a utility-based NFT. So what do I get for minting? Profit sharing of a new secondary marketplace?! Airdropped thousands of tokens? Access to a club halfway around the world?
Wow, I can tell you're a true NFT degen. I'm sorry that none of those things will happen if you give a FUCK.

What did you just say to me? There are kids around.
Apologies Mfer, I didn't mean to imply anything by it. But, you see, when you give a FUCK, you get a FUCK.

Go on...
Showing you care about our future and making your voice heard earns you a single FUCK.

I'm in! 3 Candidates are running, it seems. Who should I vote for?
There isn't a clear winner as each Candidate is equally dreadful. However, the choice should be a little easier if you're into Art, Technology, or Meth. If anything, vote for the Candidate who will pump all of our bags.

Tough choice; I love tech, art, and drugs. This may seem like a silly question but can I give more than one FUCK?
You can give as many FUCKs as your heart desires.

I can't wait to see who wins. Are you just going to count the number of FUCKs given for each Candidate?
Of course, it's not that straightforward. Have you even heard of Old Money...? Anyways, each FUCK you give counts for one or more votes.

I didn't do too well in math. Will I be in trouble?
Yes, you'll likely struggle, but let me try and help. There are different FUCKs that you can get depending on how many Campaign Materials you own.

Campaign Materials? What are we playing Minecraft now?
Not those kinds of materials; these are NFTs for promoting each Candidate. One of them was a mug, a sweatband, or even a poster that reads "Fuck Off"

I see that I can get some of these Campaign Materials on the secondary market. What's the point, though? Why spend money to get more votes? I want to make money.
That's the key. Applying different numbers of Campaign Materials unlocks exclusive variations, and since there is a limited supply of the Materials, the boosted FUCKs will be quite rare.

Perfect, I'll be sweeping the floor and just getting the cheapest Campaign Materials I can find.
Not so fast. If you use Campaign Materials that match the Candidate you're voting for, your FUCK has maximum voting power.

Thanks for that tip. How many extra votes do my ultra rare Campaign Materials get me? I just paid a fortune for them.
Rarity doesn't matter when it comes to giving a FUCK. It wouldn't be fair since some Candidates have quite drab NFTs with no abnormalities. Hodl them and be happy with $MFER.

Now I barely have any ADA left to mint this thing. How much is this going to set me back?
The administration decided on 120 ADA for each FUCK to be given.

Sheeeeeeeeesh. I'll think about it I guess. When do I have to be online to try and mint?
You will have a full week once voting opens to give a FUCK. It marks the start of 7 days of fuckery where the Candidates will be pushing for votes. The administration just says "early August" but I'm pretty sure it's the 2nd or 3rd.

I guess I'll have to move around some ADA to make sure it's in the same wallet as my Campaign Materials.
Don't worry about it Mfer, you can mint from any address

Wait a minute, the Campaign Materials I bought don't show up in my wallet. Is this a rug?
Calm down, you just need to refresh your account with what's on the blockchain. You can do it during the mint process or on the Check NFTs page.

Oh no. I think I bought a Campaign Materials that was already used.
Go flip it to the next sucker because it's not going to work for boosting your FUCK. Next time check before you buy on the Check NFTs page.

I thought the Campaign Materials NFTs were supposed to be burned when it was used to boost your vote. Shows how much I know about giving a FUCK.
Listening to the rumors are you. Make sure you DYOR or the big brain Mfers ares going to run laps around you.

Can I pick the specific Campaign Materials that are used when I boost my votes?
I'm sorry Mfer, the developers are barely alive at this point and that would have pushed them over the edge.

This has been helpful. I appreciate the insight.
Anytime Mfer, now go give a FUCK.