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The Election 2022: Latest FUCKs Given

It's simple. If you give a FUCK then you get a FUCK.

Each FUCK is a randomized bond that is packed with Old Money magic in art and utility. But, of course, no one knows a thing about it.

They look better than most of the PFPs you own, so that's something.
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Mfers want all the answers spoon-fed to them on how The Election will work. If you read this FAQ and you're still confused on how you can give a FUCK, then go complain in our Discord, otherwise ngmi.

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I'm already pretty confused about everything, so let's start with the basics; what's the point of The Election?
We're letting Mfers take control of our inflationary tale & therefore impact the future prosperity of all citizens in Yew Nork.

I'm even more perplexed. What the heck are you talking about?
How about this? You can mint a brand new Old Money NFT!

Now we're talking my language! I can't wait to have a new animal PFP to flex on Twitter.
Oh geez, this NFT does come with a PFP, so you can brag online if you would like, but that's not the point.

I get it; this is a utility-based NFT. So what do I get for minting? Profit sharing of a new secondary marketplace?! Airdropped thousands of tokens? Access to a club halfway around the world?
Wow, I can tell you're a true NFT degen. I'm sorry that none of those things will happen if you give a FUCK.